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September 24th, 2023

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IntheNews03"Hit like a girl: Copper City Queens say they’re in it for the long run"
- Annie Pentilla, The Montana Standard, April 8th, 2018

Give me your moms, your college girls, your nine-to-five women. Those aren’t the words carved beneath a new Statue of Liberty. Instead, they describe the roster of Butte’s Copper City Queens roller derby team, which is made up of just about every type of woman you can think of. It’s been four years since Butte’s Copper City Queens established their team, going from a ragtag crew of lovable underdogs — if their saga was a sports movie — to a competitive team that has so far won three of its last four games, including a bout March 24 against Kalispell’s Flathead Valley Roller Derby, where Butte won 194 to 125 at the Butte Civic Center.... read more.
IntheNews03"Copper City Queens flourish despite lack of home track"
- Renata Birkenbuel, The Montana Standard, October 4th, 2015

When you lack a permanent home, but you roll on with guts and glee, you’re Butte Tough. The Copper City Queens Roller Derby team, still in its infancy, competes, trains and schedules bouts despite the lack of a safe space oval track to call its own. Flat track roller derby requires a 108-foot long by 75-foot wide space, preferably on smooth concrete, but the resilient Copper City Queens have skated on everything from tile to wood floors... read more.
IntheNews02 "Copper City Queens ready to rumble"
- Kelley Christensen, The Montana Standard, September 10th, 2014

After six months of practices, training clinics, skills testing and four broken ankles, Butte's Copper City Queens roller derby team is playing in its first bout Saturday against Helena's Hel'z Belles. Team members hope the bout will help them hone their skills and learn more about their chosen sport than they can learn in practice scrimmages... read more.
IntheNews01"Butte nurse launches derby dream"
- Kelley Christensen, The Montana Standard, February 12th, 2014

Empowerment. Athletic training. Personal growth. Volunteering. Positive role modeling. That’s the mantra of Angela Welles, a Butte nurse who is in the process of founding the Copper City Queens, a roller derby club. Contrary to derby’s reputation for alligator pits and theatrics, modern roller derby is a sport growing in popularity internationally, with more than 400 clubs worldwide. Butte is Montana’s only large city without a club... read more.

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